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What is “The Secret Killer”?
TIME Magazine’s February 23 2004 issue named this normally undetected danger to your health.  It’s not often detected by doctor as the culprit, even after it has done the damage, which appears as illnesses and disease.  This so often overlooked because this health risks is actually a part of your body’s defense system.  It is now being recognized as the growing links between it and many well-known illnesses and diseases.  Can you guess what this “Secret Killer” Is?  It’s been revealed as chronic Inflammation!  You can get a copy of the Secret killer by going to
Trivita has published “The Secret Killer Health Alert.” and is available in down-loadable PDF file
What Is Inflammation?

The word, inflammation comes from the Latin inflammere to set on fire. Inflammations role in the body is for our protection.  It is a part of a biological response system to protect and heal our bodily tissues when they become damaged or irritated.  When our cells encounter injury, pollutants, toxins, bacteria, and viruses, our immune system response is inflammation.  Inflammation “cooks” intruding bacteria organic matter, and specific cells com and remove these invaders and dead cells. and the healing process begins to work on restoring cells.This is a good thing, but you may need to know is.
How Does Inflammation Become “The Secret Killer”
So why is it called the “Secret Killer”?  While inflammation is a good thing for us, it’s when the process does not cut off that we begin to have serious health risks. When inflammation runs beyond a certain point it referred to as chronic inflammation and good tissue begins to be damaged by (“set on fire”) inflammation.   It’s down side is that it causes us to suffer in every tissue in our bodies,.from our brain to our joints and muscles, to our hearts, lungs, kidney and so on.

How Could Chronic Inflammation Gone Undetected For So Long?

This is more my opinion than fact. Medical Science had identified Inflammation as a defense mechanism in the body that promoted healing and cleansing of the offensive and injurious matters.  It may have not been as closely scrutinized by the medical community beyond that. But there is research that has taken a closer  look into inflammations role, and many surprising links were becoming clear.
But Why Do We Need Inflammation?

We need it because of what it does. Without inflammation, our wounds and any infections we encounter would not heal.  Without inflammation our infected and injured tissues would just get worse, and would end in need for amputations where necessary, or it would end in death.
This Is What Nopalea Does At The CXellular Level

Inflammation? Then You Need Nopalea

Are There More Than One Type Of Inflammation?

Yes.  It is classified as either acute inflammation or chronic inflammation.  The difference is that: acute inflammation is our bodies initial response to cellular attacks by harmful situations.  It accomplishes this by increasing the movement of plasma and leukocytes, primarily granulocytes, from the blood and passes them into the injured cells of the damaged or irritated tissue.  There are biochemical events that take place which brings the inflammatory response under control.  However when the process works for an extended length of  time it is called chronic inflammation.  what makes this process so concerning is that an increasing change in the types of cells at the site where chronic inflammation is in progress,  A process of the destruction and healing of cells simultaneously.  So what is good for us, has now become our destroyer.  Chronic inflammation then begins to cause problems in our bodies, virtually  cooking our tissue slowly to death at the cellular level.

What Areas Of The Body Are Affected By Chronic Inflammation?
  • Nervous system
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Digestive Tract
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Urinary
  • Reproductive
  • Endocrine
  • Lymphatic
  • The Skin
  • The Eye
  • The Brain
    If Inflammation is the Problem Nopalea is The Answer
    The Body Inflammation & The Body On NOPALEA

Everywhere there is blood bearing tissue in our bodies, chronic inflammation will cause problems.  Imagine your own bodies defense, destroying the cells of your body which  it is supposed to protect.
It is inevitable that we will all suffer from Chronic inflammation in one form or another, because of the chemicals and toxins we come in contact with everyday.  From the air we breath, the foods we eat, the products we use in our homes, things we touch, and  even the water that we drink.  We are constantly exposed to all types of toxic fumes and vapors.  No matter where we go.  Our home environment can be more toxic than the outside.

How Do I Know If I Have Chronic Inflammation?

If you have had an injury and the pain never seems to go away, you may be suffering from chronic inflammation.  If you have a respiratory ailment that keeps coming back, asthma, bronchitis, allergies etc., you may be suffering from chronic inflammation.  If you suffer from anything that has the suffix “itis” it may indicate chronic inflammation. Scientists are beginning to link a whole host of diseases to chronic inflammation.   From the list above can you think of what diseases may form from Chronic Inflammation?  Even our children can suffer from it.  I am wondering now if some childhood diseases are related to it.
What are some of the things I need to watch for?
arthritis, bronchitis, arteriosclerosis (your cholesterol levels are a good indication that there is an inflammation problem in the cardiovascular system), Diabetes (uncontrolled blood sugar levels, and so much more)  Watch out for pains in your body that never seem to go away, or keep coming back unexpectedly.  If you have a bad case of acne, or other skin disorders you may be suffering from chronic inflammation.
What Can I Do About Chronic Inflammation

Well that depends.  A good diet will help as some foods have some anti inflammatory properties.  Exercise is another thing that can help also.  You can take some anti-inflammatory drugs, but you must be careful and investigate any of the side effects of some medications, and interaction of different drugs you may be taking..  There are some natural ways to bring inflammation under control, and which have no side effects. You have to, of course, do your due diligence, research companies, see what their mission is, who owns and operates the company, what their track record is and if they deliver what they promise.  I have done my due diligence and found one product and the company that produces a delicious wellness Drink called Nopalea (pronounced, No-pa-lay-uh) which has exceeded everyone’s expectation. See what others are saying about Nopalea
What Is The Most Effective Way to Fight Inflammation?

Fruit of the nopal catus

Super rich in Inflammation Fighting Betalains. The Nopal Cactus Super-Fruit Prickly Pear!

Betalains have been scientifically proven to effectively fight chronic inflammation without any side effects.  Betalains can be found few places on Earth.  There are 24 types of these rare and powerful antioxidants and one of the few places it can be found is in the Sonoran Desert.  Many of the flowers and plants there contain some types Betalains and other plants other types, but none have all 24, except the fruit of the Nopal cactus.  Nopalea  is made from the fruit of the Nopal cactus, and TriVita created one of the most potent anti-inflammatory wellness drink available on the market today.  Some of you may have even seen their infomercials on TV.
Where Can I Get My Hands On This Product?

The Delicious Breakthrough Wellness Drink That's Putting Out the Fire of Inflammation

One more thing. this company will be launching this new product in Australia. They will introduce the product in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in February 2011.  They will run infomercials on: television, radio and in print media. .


TriVita is introducing its breakthrough product in Australia starting in these three great cities; Sydney, Melbourne Perth and Brisbane starting in March 2011, and you can make your purchase of Nopalea from the website.  Look for our infomercial which will appear in TV, radio spots and printed media.  You can start the enrollment process now as an Affiliate Member and position yourself to potentially build a six figure income on the tide of wellness that Nopalea represents.

My Experience with Nopalea

I have dealt with swollen painful knees that made it difficult to ascend and descend the stairs in my home; I had to hold on the banister with my left hand and my right forearm on the opposite wall to try to take some of the weight off my knees as I walked down. When coming up the stairs, I had to use the banister in my right and my left hand on the opposite wall and pull myself up as I ascended. There were afternoons and nights I’d look at those steps and dreaded going up, so I napped or slept on the love seat.

I also experienced several short bouts of arterial fibrillation several times throughout the day, and mostly when I had lain down.  If I sat for 15 minutes to half an hour or more, when I stood up my knee joints and my muscles where stiff and hurt, they were tight and weak, to the point I’d almost topple over,  That’s another reason I came down the stairs the way I did, because I was afraid I’d topple down the stairs. My hands are always swollen and it is painful for me to make a fist because of the inflammation and swelling

Well I saw the infomercial, and was so impressed I looked up Nopalea Scams on the internet, and what I found surprised me.  Not a single bad word I could find about Nopalea or TriVita.  I had to find out more.  The testimonials and the website info impressed me so much and the Affiliate program made so much sense to me, I signed up as an affiliate before I got my first bottle.  The Person who enrolled me John, sent me a Nopalea “gift of life” to get me started.

Sonoran Bloom's Nopalea poring
A Delicious and Powerful ally in your wellness Journey, NOPALEA

Once I got my bottle of Nopalea, I drank about 8-10oz. And later on I went back and got about another 6 to 8oz. before leaving the house for bible study and took a little more before going to bed.  I have to confess I was skeptical about the claim of how good Nopalea tasted, But it really does tastes great! That’s why I kept going back.  The next day I got up, my legs didn’t feel so bad, I could not only go down the stairs without holding on like before, I was almost running down the stairs.  I turned to my daughter and said “You haven’t heard me come down the steps like that in a long time!”  She smiled and agreed.

I felt better overall, I felt sharper more focused.  My swollen pained finger joints were no longer swollen or pained.  My heart did not once go into its daily threat of all out fibrillation.  When I sit for longer than an hour or more, I did not have the pain and stiffness I usually felt when I stood up, and did not feel like I was about to topple over.  Nopalea made a difference. Nopalea does what TriVita says it does and more than I could have dared hoped or dreamed of.  I am excited to be a part of the Trivita family.  The customer service is superb, and they get right to solving your concerns. Great product, great company great people Really what more can you ask for?  The right opportunity at the right time doing the right thing.

You can find TriVita here:

In the US and Canada

In Australia

My hope for you is that you experience wellness beyond your hope and dreams.  Be blessed.

Michael Dennis
Affiliate Member
Affiliate #13488749


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